01 April 2009

NAMASTE': Start Your Day With Namaste'

In this photo taken in a Las Vegas in Oct. 2008, mannequins practice yoga at a class convened in a shop window near Cirque de Soleil in MGM Grand. Talk about finding the stillness in the pose!

As days grow longer, I'm setting an intention to put my yoga practice first--that is, to practice first thing in the morning. I've only actually made it to the earliest class maybe a half dozen times, but I always felt marvelous afterwards and noticed how smoothly my days seemed to unfold.

One day while practicing in the still-dark morning, at 6 a.m. at Yoga on 6th, a list of reasons occurred to me as we made our way through the 90-minute Bikram series. I went home and drafted this list, which my I gave to my yoga school to post around the studios and locker rooms.

Top 10 Reasons to Practice at 6 a.m.

10) No traffic.

9) No searching for a parking space at your yoga school and no parking ticket threat.

8) You show up on your mat with less junk in your mind.

7) Get the kinks out early and feel better all day.

6) Rev up your metabolism right away.

5) If you put your yoga practice first,
you won’t get derailed during the day and miss class later.

4) You’ll have your evenings free. (Or can come back for a double.)

3) You’ll face your day with a clear mind and a calm spirit.

2) You’ll show up with sparkling eyes and a yogic afterglow.

1) Change your circadian rhythms, change your day.
Change your day, change your life.

Pack your bag the night before; set your alarm; and practice daybreak yoga.

That said, I'm posting this at 1.21 a.m., so I doubt that tomorrow will be the day I resume this discipline.

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