30 April 2009


This whimsical painting caught my eye last year at Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver. I have a companion piece I'll post later, but sorry to say I do not have the name of the artist.

Do you tend a garden? Keep houseplants? Live in the shade of a thirsty star tree?

Keep a watering can near your kitchen sink so you can catch water. If you're letting cold water run until hot, or if you are just letting pipes flush out before filling the kettle, get in the habit of catching water in the watering can; then use it to give a drink to your landscape--indoors or out.

If you're able, invest in an attractive metal watering can. Some are painted with bright enamel; others sport copper detailing. They're esthetically pleasing enough to leave on your counter. If that's not in your budget, a simple bucket or a washed-out gallon jug will do.

Conserve water: No water, no life.


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