04 April 2009


Here's Kep, the dog who introduced herself and engaged me in a game of fetch the stick.

In background, see the Colorado River. In foreground, see Kep's stick. Elsewhere, in another post, see the story of Kep.

The motto: "Bark softly, but fetch a big stick."

Watching BEST OF SHOW: If you've never seen this movie and you appreciate dogs and their human characters, it's a howler! This is my third time watching it, and I'm still laughing aloud.
People or dogs: Which are more humorous? The thing is, both are characters. Individuals. Yet, as dogs are breeds, people are types.

By the way, Kep is a rescue dog. Border Collies are not for everyone, and a fair number wind up overwhelming their people. Rescuing a dog is a wonderful way to bring a dog into a home. My dog Friday came from Denver Dumb Friends League. (I'll blab--I mean blob about that some day.) My sister M.A. rescued Copper, pictured elsewhere, for our dad not long after our mother died. Copper saved my dad's life every bit as much as he saved hers.

Come on, President Obama, get on with the dog rescue! (As if there isn't enough to do.) A national dog might do this country good. Dogs remind us of what's important.

Anyway, if you're heading to the Western Slope, you can catch a flight, of course, but try the nothing-short-of-spectacular drive, instead. Colorado's rest areas showcase beautiful spots for travelers, hospitably sharing a sense of the state's splendor: winding rivers and majestic canyons, awe-inspiring mountains, forests and wildlife, ski resorts and small towns, and dogs and sticks.

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