22 April 2009

WELL BEING: Flowers As Medicine

Snapped this image last Spring in Chicago, where they really know how to plant containers. What they lack during the frigid winter, they make up for in spring and summer plantings.

You know how we tend to bring or send flowers to people who are sick? Well, as it turns out, maybe flowers have some healing properties.

At least that's implied by Dr. Andrew Weil. Today's mail included a slim booklet titled "Dr. Weil's 8 Week Plan for Optimal Healing Power." The good doctor has made a good name for himself in integrative medicine, as well as founding an entire industry that includes Weil Lifestyle and the Weil Foundation.
In this booklet, Dr. Weil includes for each of the eight weeks four sections: Projects, Diet, Exercise, and Mental/Spiritual. In the Mental/Spiritual sections for weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8, he advises readers to bring flowers into the home and place them in a prominent place. In week 8, he also advises readers to buy some flowers for somebody else.
Now that's my kind of prescription!

You might like to check out DrWeil.com for news, daily tips, and weekly updates.


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