15 April 2009

AND ECOJUSTICE FOR ALL: Bluestocking Institute

Interestingly, I'm on a different computer, and when I Googled "Bluestocking" to get to my blog, I found a link to the BLUESTOCKING INSTITUTE.
Below is their post for today. It coincides with my "Please do not torture anybody on my dime" sentiment to Uncle Sam, but they're based in Australia.



Peace and Activism

Some of you might be interested in a new training program on peace and activism. Read on...The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University will be teaching an exciting new training course in the theory and practice of peace activism this year. The course will be taught in May-June over five intensive sessions (Fridays 10am-5pm). It will also include a 6 day trip to Queensland in July to participate in the Peace Convergence at the time of the 2009 Talisman Sabre US-Australian war exercises. Registration fee including travel from Sydney to Queensland is $500. For enquiries and registration contact arts.cpacs@usyd.edu.au or (02)9351 7686.

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