01 April 2009

COLORADO COLLEEN: Ski Eavesdropping

In addition to awe-inspiring natural scenery, I enjoy the visual delight of unexpected combinations of multi-colored ski togs against crisp white snow, along with the international assortment of people who ski Colorado. In fact, a sidebar pleasure on the slopes and in the lodges is people-watching. And people-listening.

Overheard in an Apres-Ski Hot Tub in Avon, after skiing Vail:
• One high school boy to another, discussing the terrain park: “You have to face your fears.”

• A skier from Maui: “I don’t want to grow old on Maui. There’s no good health care. I want to move to Colorado. Those 70-year-old guys in the jumpsuits out there on the slopes? They’re having fun.”

• A University of Denver student on living in Colorado vs his native Connecticut: “The only thing I miss is the seafood.”

Overheard on a Bachelor Gulch Chair Lift:
• Two skier buddies from Great Britain, discussing President Barack Obama:
“After the last guy, they need somebody with a three-digit IQ.”

A Conversation in the Gondola:
• A middle-aged skier from Los Angles with his high school-aged rider nephew from the east coast, explaining why they met for spring break in Beaver Creek: “He wanted to go to the beach, but I said, ‘You’ll have plenty of opportunities to go to the beach, but a week of spring skiing in Colorado—now that’s a great vacation.’”

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