10 April 2009

THE ARTS: Good Friday

Shot this image of an oil painting last summer while at the Chicago Institute of Art. Sorry I do not have the name of the artist. What caught my eye and my heart was the bewildered expression on the face of the woman at left, Mary Magdalene. Also, the painter rendered the feet of Jesus with amazing detail--tough to see from this image.

Art is one of my areas of longstanding areas of interest; and since 1995,I have written about art for various publications. When I'm visiting a city, I try to get to art museums and galleries, where I take a few photos, if I'm allowed. I'll post more here from Chicago, as well as some I took recently while in Washington D.C. I'll also share shots from Denver Art Museum, Museum of Outdoor Arts, and other collections, as well as profiles of artists I've written over the years.



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