11 May 2009

GARDENGATE: Snow Crab Survivor Blossoms

Earlier this Spring, I posted about the four little snow crab trees planted the last two seasons in my little corner of the world. I bemoaned the early, unseasonably warm temperatures that enticed the buds, which--as I feared--got coldcocked by a late snow storm.
Blossoms are not guaranteed
—especially here in Denver—which, I suppose, makes them all the more special when variables align so that blossoms do appear. Over the weekend, while working around the yard, I noticed that one valiant snow crab had produced one survivor blossom--well, okay, two blossoms, as you can see in this image at top. Precious! The image also shows what happened to most of the browned blooms and leaves. Roots are resilient, though. And there's always next Spring with it's eternal hope.

The other photo shows three of the four snow crabs in 2008, their first spring, their tree "training wheels" still in place.

The secret garden's venerable old crab apple in the back yard got zapped, too. No pink blossoms, which means no petals to sweep up later this spring, no little apples to rake up come autumn, but also means no food for the robins and squirrels. Gardening, like life, has its trade-offs.


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