15 May 2009

GARDENGATE: Fruit of the Blog

A lot of people looked at me sideways when I mentioned I'd started blogging. I know; I know: I resisted it, too. For starters, "blog" and "blogging" are horrible words. Add to that the idea of all the unedited writing, and the fact that anybody can write anything. But I decided to hop on the bandwagon and see if I could manage without a train wreck, to mix my metaphors.

Happy news: The blog bore fruit! I just began as the Denver Flower and Garden Examiner at examiner.com. Lots to learn. This technology stupefies me. I'm thrilled to have another avenue for articulating the joys of the garden and sharing what I've learned--sometimes the hard way--in my own gardens.

Here's a link to my examiner.com page.
Or, if you are interested you can find it this way:
Google examiner.com
Click on"Denver"
Click on "Plant and Gardener Examiner"

I'm just getting started there, but have posted four pieces and have 4,000-some ideas.


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