16 May 2009

THE ARTS: Lend Arts a Hand

When Denver Art Museum opened the new Hamilton Building, a campaign collected donations from arts enthusiasts asked to trace their hand and provide their signature. Top center in this image, my hand print hangs with hundreds of others individuals and organizations that invested in art.

In this economy, many arts organizations struggle. Precisely when we all need a booser shot of beauty and inspiration, people tend to cut back on concerts, exhibitions, tickets to plays and other performances. When you purchase tickets to arts events, you invest in visionaries.

Even if your budget won't allow splurging on front and center seats for the symphony or Broadway plays, take advantage of free concerts and city-sponsored days at museums and galleries. Your presence supports artists, too.

And, by the way, did you realize that when you go to the movies, you're supporting not only cinemas, but also newspapers? That's right. Revenues generated by advertisements for movies help keep newspapers solvent. So if you're somebody bemoaning American newspapers' rapid disappearing act, catch a flick and help support a flack and a hack. (In case you don't know, "flack" is an old term for a press agent; "hack" is a word for a writer or reporter paid to knock out copy quickly. At various times in my career, I've been both.)


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