20 May 2009

GARDENGATE: Please visit me at Examiner.com

Photo by James Baca

Have you missed me? I--believe it or not--have missed blogging, too! For me, the blog took the place of journaling, which I once did with daily devotion.

I'm elsewhere online: I recently was hired by Examiner.com and given this exciting title: Denver Flower and Garden Examiner. Given that gardening is now underway in the Mile High City, I'm focused on writing pieces for The Denver Post's Grow section, Colorado Expression, Architecture & Design of the West, and now building my Examiner.com page.

Please visit me at my Examiner.com flower and garden page. Even if you're not a gardener, if you enjoy this Bluestocking blog, you likely will enjoy my Examiner.com page, too. You'll find lovely photos and thoughtful essays, along with profiles of plants, gardeners, gardening tips and other treasures.
If you care to leave a comment or subscribe, that will thrill me, too.
I'll be back to Bluestocking blog as soon as I finish planting. I've got a few things that still need to go into the ground.
Please check in again soon.
Thanks for reading. Happy gardening.

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