31 July 2009

Neighborhood entrepreneurs: Dog treats replace lemonade

On any given day, 7th Avenue Parkway bustles with bicyclists, runners, Rollerbladers, and people walking, with or without dogs. When I had my two dogs, Friday and Copper, we walked the parkway regularly. The stately homes with gracious gardens, the towering old trees, and the relatively light traffic render the parkway an ideal oasis in central Denver. Over the years, I've made my way along the parkway on foot--running or walking--on my bike, my Rollerblades, and on a few occasions on my cross-country skis after major blizzards. It's a lovely stretch.

The other day, while walking over to Denver Botanic Gardens, I happened upon some young entrepreneurs. Rather than hawking lemonade, they had set up an honor-system stand selling dog treats. How Friday and Copper would have enjoyed that! And how I would have enjoyed indulging them.

As you can see, the kids even decorated the little bags containing the treats.

Later today, I interview with Temple Grandin, Ph.D., the animal ethologist who also happens to be autistic. I'll post a link later to my upcoming story.

Meanwhile, I second the opinion expressed on one of the dog treat bags: "Dogs rule!"

If you're reading this, I'd love to know your dog's names and breeds. Please, if you care to, leave a comment and let me know.


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