26 July 2009

MUST-SEE FILM: "Food, Inc."

Squash vines blossom and arugula thrives in containers on my shoebox-sized secret garden.

Photo by Quincy Benton

If you are "hungry for change,"

please click on this link
to go to my Denver Flower and Gardening page for more information on the film "Food, Inc."

I urge everybody to view this film, which closes with some good advice:
Plant a garden. Even a small one.

For more entries related to gardens and gardening, scroll down on this page to find the "cloud" listing of topics and click on "GARDEN GATE."

Or, click on this link to go directly to Food, Inc. website with lots more information on fixing our rusty and weak food chain. You'll find 10 tips for getting started toward healthier eating and supporting healthier growing practices.


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