21 July 2009

Literary quotes in mosaic from former Chicago Public Library

Summer always goes too fast.
Here it is July 21st--three weeks since I last posted.

I hope somebody's still out there?

Here for your enjoyment are a couple of images I took of quotes rendered in magnificent mosaic on the walls of the former Chicago Public Library that now serves as the Cultural Center.

Chicago is the heartland's New York City. The lake, the river, the architecture, the gardens, the history, the museums, the shopping (tho' I managed to stay out of the stores) and the food all combine for a marvelous city experience.

I'm posting more photos from the Art Institute of Chicago's collection, along with a lot of garden shots on my Examiner.com page. Please click on the underscored link to be ushered to my page as Examiner.com's Denver Flower and Gardening Examiner.


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