27 September 2011

Why I Published My New Book: "Laid-Back Skier" When Books Are Going Downhill

Yes, I've read all the abysmal news about the post-literate age and the demise of printed books. In fact, all those discouraging words served to inspire my new book"Laid-Back Skier: As In Skiing, So In Life."

Of course, snow skiing inspired me, too. As I carved turns, I began crafting this new book's text in my head. All the while, I envisioned a charming book in three-dimensions, with luscious eco-friendly paper pages and colorful illustrations between hard covers.

I'm trained as a writer, and I've made my living as a writer. Consequently, books are an integral part of my life. They have been since I was a wee one. In fact, in my baby book, my mother noted that "book" was one of my first spoken words. My mom told me I always loved to be read to; and she related more than once that whenever she tried to skip pages - turning more than one at a time to rush through a reading - I always busted her.

"Laid-Back Skier" is for people of all ages and not for skiers only.

I hope mothers and other adults will read "Laid-Back Skier" to their children or grandchildren. I intend this book for "skiers, riders and snowflakes of all ages." The vocabulary might include a few words kids won't know, but the book will provide an opportunity to learn. Besides, they'll be captivated by the playful pictures, anyway. For Friday Jones Publishing, Denver artist Patty Leidy did 38 original illustrations.

"Laid-Back Skier" will delight adults, too. I hope this book reminds adults of the tactile pleasure of sitting with a book, turning pages, relishing full-color illustrations reflecting the text, reading. Yes, reading! An actual book!

"Laid-Back Skier" is a quick and easy read with special features.

If you're like I am, reading is not as easy as it once was. We've created an ADD culture with head-spinning distractions bombarding us constantly. "Laid-Back Skier" takes that into consideration. Intentionally, I kept the text very simple with only one sentence per page in the body of the book. Just about anybody can read this book and recall the joyful accomplishment of reading a book cover to cover.

To add to the practicality of the book, I added a skier's journal and a skier's packing list.

"Laid-Back Skier" is my second brainchild brought into the world by Friday Jones Publishing, my independent publishing company. Last September, Friday Jones Publishing released my first novel, "Glass Halo." While the books' subject matter varies greatly, both books present artful design and attention to graphic details that make quality 3-D books worth preserving even in the 21st century.

"Laid-Back Skier" is available through FridayJonesPublishing.com and Amazon.com. Coming soon to a bookstore or boutique near you! Thank you for helping us wag this tale. Share/Save/Bookmark


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  2. Hi !
    First of all, I really agree about the ADD-world we live in (sadly) and it makes it so much harder to teach certain things or to make the children enjoy these same things.
    Some of the children I see in kindergarten or 1st grade have never even felt the touch of a book or smelled one (and they think I'm quite crazy when I suggest to actually smell a book). It makes me so sad for them because books and reading are so important for a healthy development (not just for their language dev., but also for manual stimulation and small motor skills.
    When I know people around me are getting a baby, I look for a book in which there's a little special thing that reminds me of the couple/future family.

    Will your book be translated in French ? / Or is it ?
    I teach in a French School Board and sometimes I teach English as a Second Language, but I usually have little French-speakers in the classroom..!

    I absolutely love books and have many more of them than I dare to admit (they're especially children's books). I love good children's books.

    How can I see/buy yours ?

    Thank you !

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