01 February 2010

Where to find me these days online

Bluestocking blues: I'm not posting here as regularly because I'm working the following gigs:

• Please friend me on Facebook, where I post links to my published articles, as well as lots of random stuff--much of the same subject matter as I've included in this blog.

• Or check out my website for Friday Jones Publishing. I'm releasing my first novel, titled GLASS HALO. This website includes a lot of additional information about my fiction, along with links to lots of my articles.

• Become a fan of Friday Jones Publishing on Facebook. You'll enjoy regular posts about books, dogs, angels, stained glass, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and more.

• Or dig up my Examiner.com page. I serve as the Denver Flower and Gardening Examiner. Many of the photos on my page stem from my own gardens. I also post about gardens I visit, and I link gardening pieces I write for publications.
Detail from William Morris tapestry

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