08 August 2009

Don't miss divine lotus now in bloom at Hudson Gardens

"However fickle I seem, my heart is never unfaithful; Out of the slime itself, spotless the lotus grow."
-- Japanese Folk Song

Photos by Colleen Smith and her amazing iPhone imagemaker

What these photos do not show is scale. The lotus leaves are bigger than large pizzas. The pod at the center of the fully opened flower is about the diameter of a cake donut. And that bud is the size of a small melon.

Hungry for more info on lotus?

Click here for my entry on Examiner.com, which includes more lotus photos and some background on lotus in sacred traditions.

If you want to see these divine blooms in person, you have to hurry: they're predicted to bloom through mid-August. I swear, these are E.T. flowers or something out of Dr. Seuss. The lotus are well worth the drive, plus Hudson Gardens has lots of other attractions, as well.


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