19 April 2011

Drop By My Virtual Garden on Examiner.com: I'm Denver Flower & Garden Examiner

Do you have a green thumb or a thumbs down when it comes to plants? Either way, I invite you to drop by my virtual garden on Examiner.com.

I'm finishing up my second year as Denver Flower and Garden Examiner, and it's a position I enjoy growing with. I'm happy to pass along information gleaned as a garden writer since 1995. And I learn as I go: Gardening is a deep subject!

On my page, you'll find posts about the following:
• Plants • Garden Animals • Garden Art • Landscaping Tips • Eco-friendly Ideas • Literary Garden Quotes/Poems • Plant-based products • Recipes • Garden Books • Garden Events & More.

• Hundreds of helpful posts, gorgeous garden photography and graphic design.

Visit my virtual garden by clicking here.

IMAGE: A garden of Earthy delights designed by William Morris


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