19 January 2011

Fare Thee Well, Tom Walker, The Denver Post Books Editor: A tribute & hub page of my Post books pieces

I just got the sad news that today is the last day in the newsroom for Tom Walker, my Books editor at The Denver Post for many years.

Tom Walker was a prince of an editor. Fare thee well, Tom.

Originally from Louisiana, Tom plied his journalistic trade at The Denver Post for decades. A consummate professional, he had an office lined with bookshelves, and his job was to read. And, of course, to report on reading and books. As an editor, he had a light hand and never made many changes to my copy, but caught my mistakes and corrected them.

The Denver Post recently changed the Books format, reducing the pages from four to two, with additional Books coverage folded into A&E pages. I'll miss Tom's Books section, but moreover his professional presence--even though we mostly communicated via e-mail messages.

Fare thee well, Tom! Good luck with your golf game. And thank you for all the stories we collaborated on over recent years. You were a prince of an editor!

Here's a partial list of stories I published in The Denver Post Books section under the editorship of Tom Walker:

"Publisher! Publisher!" (The backstory of founding Friday Jones Publishing)

"The art of books unbound" ("Architexture" exhibit at Museum of Outdoor Arts)

"A passion that speaks volumes" (Antique & collectible books)

I'm sure I'll find more stories on which Tom and I collaborated as editor and writer; and I'll add them as I find them.

I miss you already, Tom.


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