21 December 2009


Happy Winter Solstice!

I plan to join fellow yogis for a candlelight practice of 108 sun salutations tonight--my yogic salute to the season. Welcome, Old Man Winter!

Photo at right is a sculpture in Museum of Outdoor Arts' permanent collection. At Winter Solstice, he points to the sun at a certain hour.

For more about the history, mystery and science of Winter Solstice, please check out my 2-part series posted today on my Examiner.com page on flowers and gardens.

You'll also find seasonal entries on the following:
• The nature of holly,
• A Christmas carol--"The Holly and the Ivy"--sung by a boy's choir,
• Winter garden holiday light shows around Denver,
• Tips for winter houseplants,
• How-to guidelines for forcing paperwhite narcissus bulbs indoors,
• Great garden books, and more.

Please drop by my digital garden. Leave a comment, if you care to, or just wander around the page and enjoy the beautiful photography and inspirational quotes. Good Yule!

Mercury photo courtesy Museum of Outdoor Arts

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