10 September 2009

THE WRITTEN (and spoken) WORD: Get Well Soon, Garrison Keillor!

Garrison Keillor, 67, is recovering in a Rochester, Minnesota, hospital after suffering a minor stroke. Was it all that deep-fried food at the state fairs?
Reports indicate that the humorist is up and working at his laptop, thankfully. A national treasure, Keillor's radio program "A Prairie Home Companion" includes political satire, spoof, music and entertaining sound effects. It's a hoot and also oftentimes touching and thoughtful. If you've never heard PHC, tune it in on your local public radio station. It usually airs on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. I'm sure he'll have something to say about this stroke. And I'm sure his audience will welcome him back to the stage with an especially warm reception.

When Keillor's book "Pontoon" was released, I had the opportunity to interview him for The Denver Post. We conducted the interview over the Internet. I submitted questions. He sent me answers within a couple of hours. I never changed a word. Didn't have to. (This is a great interview technique for shy people, but of course, would only work with a top-shelf writer.) Here's a link to the story titled "Red-footed humorist."


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